What is a startup?

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Learn more about startup companies and where you can find guidance and support for your startup.

A startup is best defined by explaining the process of a startup. In a startup, the entrepreneurs try to find a scalable and repeatable business model that they continue to develop, rather than having a fixed business model which is the case for other companies. 

Startup is not a business type, it is a way of working with a company. Startups can be found in a various of industries but today the concept is often used to describe scalable companies within digitalization and tech industries. 

Do I run a startup company?

It can be difficult to define what a startup company is. Contact an advisor or a network specialized in startup companies to discuss your business idea and business plan. 

Find advisors

You can also search for advisors specialized in startups online. 

You can finance your startup in different ways, through a bank loan, investors or business angels.

Financing the start of your business

Support and networks for startups

For startups, there are a lot of networks you can engage in. Below we have listed a few:

Swedish Cleantech

Swedish Cleantech is Sweden's largest website for clean technology companies. As an entrepreneur, you get help to develop your business in Sweden. You also get an overview of how to find financing and advisors for your company.

Swedish Cleantech

Innovative Startups – Vinnova

Vinnova offers newly started micro companies grants to carry out a project with great potential and high risk, which increases the company's ability to attract customers, capital or investments. The project can be about developing prototypes, developing the business model or strategies to protect the company's new solution.

Innovative Startup at Vinnova

Start Up Energy Transition (SET)

Start Up Energy Transition (SET) is an international platform that supports transformative innovations that accelerate and enable the transition to a sustainable energy system. SET has an annual SET Award and which include the SET Tech Festival. The SET platform is run by the German Energy Agency (DENA) together with the interest organization World Energy Council (WEC).

Start Up Energy Transition

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