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The page was last modified: is the operative place for the Swedish Point of Single Contact. is part of the EUGO network which gathers all national points of single contact.

Points of Single Contact website

EUGO, The Points of Single Contact website, is available in all EU languages. This website allows you to easily access national Points of Single Contact which you can use to deal with administrative formalities. In this way, you will be no longer required to contact several authorities when you want to provide services across Europe.

Services Directive

The Services Directive is a European piece of legislation that aims to make life easier for businesses providing or using services in the European Union. Each member state provides a Single Point of Contact to help service providers complete necessary administration online., the Swedish Business Link to Government, is the Swedish Point of Single Contact.

The Point of Single Contact also consists of a helpdesk, operated by the Swedish National Board of Trade. The helpdesk's principle role is to guide the questioners into It also answers general questions on the Services Directive, and helps service providers and service recipients with information concerning the interpretation and application of the Services Directive.

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Helpdesk Services Directive

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The Services Directive also strengthens the rights of recipients of services. EEC Sweden (Kosument Europa) provides general information about the Services Directive to recipients who are consumers. Konsument Europa is a part of the Swedish Consumer Agency and a member of the European Consumer Centre Network.

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