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Starting a business in Sweden

In the brochure “Starting a business in Sweden”, you can read about what applies to you as an asylum seeker or new arrival who wants to start a business in Sweden.

The publication is available as a pdf file in the following languages:


You can also order a printed copy of the brochure at Tillväxtverkets webshop

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Starting a business without money

“Starting a business without money” is an inspirational book for people who want to start a business, but do not have a lot of money. The book provides tips and advice about what you should consider, as well as special considerations that might exist in certain business areas. The book is available in Swedish, English, Farsi and Arabic.

Download the book in PDF

Download “Starting a business without money” in Swedish
Download “Starting a business without money” in English
Download “Starting a business without money” in Arabic
Download “Starting a business without money” in Farsi

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