Animals and plants

Last updated: 2015-03-11

The following permits may be relevant for the activity that you are planning on starting up.

  • Animal experiment activities 

    Applications for ethical review of animal experiment activities.

  • Animal husbandry 

    Supplying, selling or breeding animals and other activities with animals.

  • Animal stabling 

    Are you going to build or rebuild a stable? You may need to apply for a preliminary inspection. The County Administrative Board then examines your planned...

  • Circus 

    Notification concerning inspection of a circus.

  • Displaying animals in public 

    If you operate a premises where animals are displayed to the general public, you need to apply for authorisation from the County Administrative Board. Animals...

  • Embryo operations 

    Information on permits for embryo operations If you want to process or sell embryos, you must seek permission from the Swedish Board of Agriculture for this....

  • Exemption for trade in wild animal and plants (application) 

    The purpose of the Species Protection Ordinance is to protect European species of wild animals and plants by regulating their import, export, sale and how they...

  • Game parks 

    Are you planning to keep animals in game parks? Then you need a permit both to set up the enclosure and to have the animals fenced in. You apply to the County...

  • Laboratory animals 

    Application for a permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture to use, breed, keep and/or supply laboratory animals.

  • Permission of environmentally hazardous activities, B-activities 

    To start certain environmentally hazardous activities, you must first apply for a permit. It can also apply to changes to a business you are already running.

  • Protected live animals, trade 

    Application for a permit to trade in certain species of animal pursuant to the Art-skyddsförordning (2007:845) (the Swedish Species Protection Ordinance).

  • Selling, displaying and handling wild plants and animals 

    Do you wish to help conserve animals and plants, trade in live animals and plants or display wildlife in a zoo? If you do, you will need to apply for a permit...

  • Taxidermy 

    Application for a permit to professionally prepare, stuff and mount certain types of dead animals in accordance with the Artskyddsförordning (2007:845) (the...

  • Temporary exhibition of animals 

    Notification to professionally exhibit certain types of live animals to the public.

  • Veterinary surgeons for public competitions 

    Many public competitions with animals require there to be a competition veterinary surgeon on site. You apply for a veterinary surgeon to the County...

  • Wild animals in zoos 

    Application for a permit to exhibit wild animal species in a zoo.

  • Zoo facility 

    Application for a permit to use a facility for the public exhibition of animals.

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