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Last updated: 2015-03-11

Here you find information regarding permits for hotels and restaurants.

  • Alcohol licence 

    The serving of alcoholic beverages to the public or private parties for payment requires a licence.

  • Catering 

    It requires a permit in order to conduct a catering business where alcohol is to be served.

  • Control of microbiological criteria in food 

    The use of alternative sampling methods in a business's own controls of foods and food production.

  • Drinking water facility 

    If your business uses water for cooking and drinking from an individual water plant, you must ensure that the drinkingwater meets the quality requirements found...

  • Flavouring of schnapps 

    Notification of flavouring of schnapps for serving in your own restaurant business.

  • Food businesses 

    Every food business facility must be registered or approved as a food establishment.

  • Food production 

    Are you a primary producer producing food at farm level? Your establishment will need to be registered with the County Administrative Board. We are also...

  • Grease separator 

    Cafes, restaurants and other premises where food is prepared release large amounts of fat with the waste water. The grease gets stuck in the drain pipes and...

  • Handle refrigerants 

    Refrigerants are different types of substances used in aggregates, for example in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and heat pumps.

  • Hotel and guesthouse operations 

    If you wish to operate a hotel or guesthouse for at least nine guests, or have at least five guest rooms, you need to obtain a permit from the police.

  • Licence for wholesale trade in alcohol (application) 

    A person wanting to conduct wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages must be approved as a warehouseman or registered as a consignee.

  • Manage waste 

    Restaurant  Most of the waste produced in a restaurant is classified as municipal waste. This can mean leftover food, empty packaging, discarded frying...

  • Medium-strong beer 

    The registration with the municipality of the sale or serving of medium-strong beer.

  • Music license from STIM to play music in public premises (application) 

    When you play music to your customers, you need a license from STIM and from SAMI, the two non-profit organisations that manage rights for songwriters...

  • Permission of environmentally hazardous activities, B-activities 

    To start certain environmentally hazardous activities, you must first apply for a permit. It can also apply to changes to a business you are already running.

  • Tastings of alcoholic beverages 

    It requires a permit if you want to organise tastings of alcoholic beverages for the public.

  • Trade in technical spirits and alcoholic preparations 

    Notification of trade in technical spirits and alcoholic preparations.

  • Ventilation control 

    Mandatory ventilation control, OVK, must be done regularly in most buildings. The purpose is to show that the indoor climate is good and that the ventilation...

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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