Ecolabelling and certification

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Below is a list of common marks and certifications for products.

Independent standard marks

Good Environmental Choice is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s ecolabel for goods and services that save on natural resources.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation 

EU Ecolabel is the official EU ecolabel. Miljömärkning Sverige AB is responsible for the EU Ecolabel in Sweden. Products are evaluated using a life cycle perspective, from raw material to waste. Products with this mark are subject to strict environmental, functional and quality requirements.

EU Ecolabel

The Swallow is a mark for products that the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association (Astma- och Allergiförbundet) recommends for those with allergies. Products marked with the Swallow include hygiene products, pillows and vacuum cleaners.

The Asthma and Allergy Association (in Swedish)

The Nordic eco-label (the Swan) is the Nordic countries’ official ecolabel for goods and services. The Swan mark is subject to both environmental and climate requirements, which are regularly increased.

The Nordic eco-lable the Swan


ISO 14000 is an international standard whose purpose is to help companies to implement an environmental management system to help them reduce their negative impacts on the environment. There are requirements for certification, continuous improvement and external audits.

The Swedish Institute for Standards

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