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Do you need help with setting up your business? There is plenty of support available for setting up a business in Sweden.


Almi invests in future growth. We offer loan and advisory services to companies that want to expand and develop. This includes ideas with potential for growth in the early stages as well as existing companies.

Through Almi Invest we invest venture capital in businesses with high growth potential and scalable business ideas.

Almi is owned by the Swedish government together with regional owners and has regional representation with 50 offices across Sweden.

Phone: +46 771-55 85 00

Almi's website

Swedish Chamber of Commerce

There are approximately 30 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Sweden, all based in Stockholm. They provide support to foreign companies who would like to set up a business in Sweden. However, Swedish companies are also welcome to contact the foreign chambers of commerce.

Contact information to foreign Chambers of Commerce in Sweden
Phone: +46 8-555 100 00


Nyföretagarcentrum has offices all over Sweden where you can receive advice on how to start your own enterprise. All our offices are run by the local enterprises, which ensure our clients solid advises based on experience and a fast track into the so important local entrepreneurial network.

We will help you to prepare a business plan, guide you through budget preparations and all other phases required to start your own business.

Contact your local office at Nyföretagarcentrums website


Business Regions

The Business Regions offer tailor-made solutions for companies wanting to establish a new business in the region, as well as for companies wanting to expand an existing business.

Please contact each Business Region for further information.

Business Region Göteborg (select language)
Phone: +46 31 61 24 02

Stockholm Business Region
Phone: +46 8 508 280 00

Business Region Skåne
Phone: +46 40 675 30 01

Business Sweden

Business Sweden - the Swedish Trade and Invest Council - offers the following services to international companies who would like to invest in Sweden:

  • Strategic investment advice and tailored business information
  • Matchmaking and presentation of investment opportunities
  • Meeting arrangements in Sweden
  • Information on how to establish and run a business
  • Access to Business Sweden's network - introductions to public and private companies/organizations.
Business Sweden's services

Phone: +46 8-588 660 00

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network offers free support and services to small and medium-sized enterprises. We can help your enterprise to  

  • Access to EU funding
  • Understand EU legislation
  • Make international connections
  • Bring your innovations to market.

The network is represented by over 600 organisations in more than 50 countries.

Enterprise Europe Network's services

Phone: 020-93 10 10
E-mail: Link to contact page (in Swedish)

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