Guides and tools for foreign trade

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Guides, tools and services from various organisations and government agencies that deal with foreign trade.

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Guides and tools

The export guide 

Exportguiden (the Export Guide) from Business Sweden provides you with information and guidance throughout the export process, whether you are selling to countries inside or outside the EU.  
Exportguiden at Business Sweden (in Swedish)

The import manual

The Import Manual (Importhandboken) from Make Trade guides you through the most important areas when importing, whether you are buying from countries inside or outside the EU.  
Importhandboken at Make Trade (in Swedish) 

The e-commerce guide

The e-commerce guide (E-handelsguiden) from Business Sweden contains information about local laws, regulations, buying behaviours and trends in around 30 interesting e-commerce markets both within and outside the EU.
The e-commerce guide (in Swedish) 

The Supply Chain Resilience platform

The Supply Chain Resilience platform is powered by the Enterprise Europe Network in collaboration with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, with the support of the European Commission and EISMEA. The platform helps companies retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains, as well as source raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services you need to keep production going.

The Supply Chain Resilience platform


Business Sweden's digital tool GoGlobal gives you the knowledge, strategies and insights you need to plan your company's international investment. The stand-alone modules cover all the steps required to effectively produce a successful export plan.
GoGlobal at Business Sweden (in Swedish)

Product Requirements Guide 

The Swedish Market Surveillance Council has a product guide that helps you identify the laws and regulations that apply for your products so you can find the right government agency with responsibility for different product areas. 
The Product Requirements Guide at the Swedish Market Surveillance Council  

Web service about WTO members’ commitments under GATS 

The WTO’s web service enables you to find which commitments each WTO country has made under the GATS Agreement. 
Web service for services – on the World Trade Organization’s website 


Øresunddirektbusiness is a guide for companies that are running, or intending to start, a business in the Öresund region. You will find information about recruiting employees, setting up a company, and marketing and trading between Denmark and Sweden.  
The Øresunddirektbusiness website (in Swedish)  

Services and offers


What rules apply for your product?  

You can contact the so-called TBT contact point in the country to which you want to export and ask what rules apply for your product.   
TBT contact point (in Swedish)  

Find business partnerships 

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) provides the world’s biggest searchable business database. You can search the database free of charge for company profiles from over 60 countries in a variety of sectors and types of partnerships.  
Search the database on the Enterprise Europe Network website  

Insurance against the risk of not getting paid  

The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN) offers different kinds of insurances to small and medium-sized enterprises, including start-ups and growth companies. This enables companies to insure against the risk of not getting paid in an export transaction and offers better financing opportunities. 

EKN’s guarantee guide enables you as a company to find the right insurance based on your needs. 
Use the guarantee guide on the Swedish Export Credit Agency’s website  

Nordkalottens Gränstjänst 

Nordkalottens Gränstjänst (Nordkalotten Border Service) has customers in Finland, Norway and Sweden. The service provides relevant information that helps companies operate on both sides of the border. The Border Service is also working to remove barriers to border trade.  
The Nordkalottens Gränstjänst website (in Swedish)  

Grensetjänsten Norge–Sverige  

Grensetjänst Norge-Sverige (Norway-Sweden Border Service) has coordinated information from government agencies in both Sweden and Norway. The information is aimed at companies that want to take on assignments, set up a business or trade with customers in Norway.  
The Grensetjänsten website (in Swedish)  

Informative websites

Your Europe 

The EU website Your Europe has practical advice and further reading for those who want to do business in Europe. You can read about laws, rules and corporate forms that apply in each country. 
Practical guide for doing business in Europe on the Your Europe website 

Access to Markets 

The European Commission provides information about customs duties and taxes, product requirements and trade barriers. The information covers all products, all EU countries and more than 120 export markets around the world. 
Access to Markets at the European Commission  

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