Eight pieces of advice

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1. Select the right lender

Consider whether to approach a bank, finance company, Almi or a combination of these.


2. Establish several bank contacts

It is always a good idea to try to compare bank products, such as interest, charges and services.

3. Select the right credit officer

It is important to choose a credit officer who is experienced in your sector and knows the legal form of business you have chosen. The credit officer need to have the authority to make a decision in your case.

4. Prepare carefully

As well as providing the lender with a carefully considered business plan, it is important to be well informed and prepared.

5. Provide references

If there are people who know you and your background, maybe you can use them as references. These may strengthen the lender's impression of you as a person.

6. If you feel unsure, ask someone you trust

If you know someone who is well versed in financial matters, you could contact them for advice before going to the bank.

7. Dare to ask

Remember that there are many specialist terms in the context of banking. If you don't understand, ask! It is better to ask one question too many than to enter a financial undertaking without the right knowledge.

8. Follow up what happens

Show interest in what the lender has to say, and his/hers thoughts and opinions. Call the lender for further information or clarification.

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