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Banks can offer leasing, factoring and instalments as variants of loans secured by collateral. Almi can also provide financing.

In leasing and instalment arrangements, the object itself acts as collateral. In factoring arrangements, the company's invoices act as collateral. As when granting loans, the bank conducts a credit check and assessment of the company before entering into leasing, instalments or factoring arrangements. These types of financing incur costs such as an instalment cost, which corresponds to interest and the repayment amount.


Leasing may be an option when your company needs machines, equipment or cars. With leases, a bank or finance company purchases the machine or car. Access rights are then transferred to your company. Consequently, the company does not have capital tied up in equipment, but makes lease payments for the right to use the equipment. As a lease is a form of hiring, you do not own the leased asset, and it is therefore not recognized as an asset in the balance sheet.

You negotiate with the supplier of the machine or car, while the finance company conducts a credit rating of your company. Normally, the object is sufficient as full security for the credit. Fixed monthly or quarterly lease payments are paid in advance and are reported as a business expense. There are different types of leases. You should therefore read the lease terms & conditions carefully.


Factoring allows advances against receivables. Your company is granted credit using your trade receivables as collateral. Invoices are pledged as collateral and transferred to the finance company. Your company sends invoices to customers as usual, but the finance company is responsible for debt collection and accounting for the invoices.


Instalments are another way of arranging financing in such a way as to avoid tying up capital. You agree on instalments with the vendor who then contacts a finance company to finance the arrangement.

Loans and guarantees from Almi

When the bank is not prepared to put up the whole of the loan, Almi can provide complementary funding. Almi is a state-owned company which helps companies with capital and advice.

An Almi Company loan can be granted if there is another financier who covers some of the loan. In exceptional cases, Almi can cover the whole loan.

For companies with smaller capital requirements, Almi has a micro loan, which does not require a co-financier. With the micro loan, Almi can lend up to SEK 200,000 without collateral.

Almi can also provide different types of guarantees. These may be guarantees for the company's undertakings with the bank, for example.


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