Change the business type of your undertaking

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There can be many reasons for continuing your company in a different business type. The undertaking may have done well so you want to operate it as a public limited company. You may also be several people working together who want to become joint owners.

Get help from an accountant

It can be difficult to decide which business type is most beneficial for your particular business. If you are thinking about changing the business type of your undertaking, it may be a good idea to talk to your accountant to find out how it would affect the business and you as the owner. You can also talk to an adviser.

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Complete your accounting correctly

Regardless of what type of company you have, it is important that you complete the accounting correctly when you terminate the undertaking. You must draw up a final statement of accounts even if you finish the financial year in the middle of the business year. This means that the final financial year can be shorter than twelve months. Remember to enter the final transactions in the accounts, and keep the accounting information for at least seven years. Which tax rules that apply depends partly on what form of undertaking you have now, and partly on what form of undertaking you intend to change to.

Sell or close your company 

Converting from sole trader to limited company at the Swedish Tax Agency

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Changed business?

If you change your undertaking – remember to change the SNI code. If you have a Swedish e-identification you can do this via My Pages.

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Search for the correct SNI code at Statistics Sweden

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