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Marketing is about attracting and keeping customers for your business. It is also a way of building relationships and steering how your company is perceived. Get to know your customers and competitors, then draw up a plan for your own marketing.

Marketing is important to you as an entrepreneur. It is something you should pursue actively all the time, both before your start-up and when your business is up and running. You need to find different ways of telling customers what you provide so they can choose your product or service.

Solve the customer's problems

One of the keys to success is identifying customers' needs or problems and offering a solution. Once you have done this, the next step is to provide information about what you offer. The best way of doing this will vary depending on the sector and target group.

Formulate a marketing plan

The marketing plan is part of your business plan. The idea is to get to know your customers and competitors and then formulate a plan for your own marketing.

There is no need to record your thoughts in a written document; what is important is that you think about who your customer is and why you can offer a unique sales proposition.

Get to know your industry

Get to know the industry in which you will be working. Find out how similar companies to yours operate. Capitalize on inspiration and lessons learned.

Working on an overview of your industry is like drawing a map of your surroundings. Try to find as much information as possible, it will make it easier to find solutions to help you reach your customers.

Who are your potential customers?

Before you can find out the number of potential customers, you need to define who your customers are.

  • What characterizes your customer?
  • Are there several different types of customers?
  • Describe the customer in detail, including age and interests etc. (business to consumers) or company type, type of industry, turnover etc. (business to business).
  • Identify where the customers are located.

When you have formed a picture of what the customers need, it is time to consider how you will get your message across.

Corporate image – how do you want to be perceived?

Your corporate image is a way to distinguish your company from your competitors. You can build your corporate image by creating a logo that illustrates what your company stands for and by producing marketing material, a website, or brochures that communicate your corporate identity.

Wait for approval of your business name

If you are starting a Limited company, don't start to produce marketing material until your application for registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) has been approved. For a sole trader there is no need for an approval of the name, if it’s not a specific business-name other than the sole traders own.

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