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Find out whether your business activities require a permit or license, or are subject to any other notification requirements.

You, your business activities, and your premises may be subject to special requirements. Notification, registration and permit requirements are normally covered by legislative provisions.

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Se if you or your business need a permit. Search by selecting categories or by using the search function.

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Who issues permits?

Licensing and supervisory authorities may be local, regional or national. Local and regional authorities include municipalities, county administrative boards and police authorities. The Swedish Data Inspection Board and the National Food Administration are examples of national authorities.

There may be some variation in the deadline for contacting an authority, the processing time and the level of application and regulatory fees. There are often special forms for providing the information needed.

You can appeal or request a reconsideration of an authority's decision that has gone against you. How and where you do this may vary depending on which authority made the decision and whether you are lodging an appeal or requesting a reconsideration.

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