Tips and advice

Information regarding the coronavirus

New restrictions and infection control measures from January 19

Find current information from different government agencies, as well as support and advice for you and your company during the coronavirus pandemic. You can for example read about recommendations for restaurants, and about what applies for vaccination certificates at indoor events.

Plan ahead for staff shortages

Do you have a plan B if your employees are sick?

During the corona pandemic, many people are sick or in quarantine, needing to stay home from work. As an entrepreneur you need to have a plan B so your business can continue working if there is a shortage of staff, or a shortage of certain goods or deliveries. LIVE – webinars about starting a business LIVE – now with English subtitles LIVE is a series of webinars about starting a business. The series includes a general webinar and four thematic webinars where government experts summarize the most important information for you.

Prepare your start-up

Starting a business?

At you will find content that will help you plan your start-up. You can, among other things, use our step-to-step guides, find advisors and get information on how to choose a company name.

Point of single contact for service companies

Point of single contact for service companies

Welcome to the Swedish point of single contact for services. Find information about, and submit electronic applications for, the authorisations that may be required to sell services in Sweden.