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Have you recently arrived in Sweden and want to start your own business? Or perhaps you have an already existing business which you would like to continue running in or from Sweden? If so, you probably have questions which you would like to discuss with someone who knows about business in Sweden.

Below you can find a list of places to meet and business advisors in Värmland who are happy to assist you in a language other than Swedish.


Regardless of the type of business you want to venture into – an international launch, developing a new product or service, restarting a business, entering a new market, taking over a company etc. – you can contact Almi. If you call their telephone advisory at +46 771-55 86 00 you can get free service in Farsi, Arabic, English and simple Swedish.

Almi in Värmland also have two business advisors who are happy to assist you personally in languages other than Swedish, Joumana Maghamez and Sebastian van den Bergen. They can help you if you want to start a business or continue running an already existing business in Sweden.

Joumana Maghamez
speaks Arabic, Spanish, English and Swedish.

+46 54 14 93 67 or


Sebastian van den Bergen 
speaks Dutch, German, English and Swedish.

+46 54 14 93 73 or

Innovation Park Karlstad 

At Innovation Park you can create new contacts through local, national and international networks. You can also rent an office space together with other entrepreneurs, newly established as well as already established, from several different industries. Innovation Park also houses different organisations which support innovation processes, and the close proximity to Karlstad University provides good opportunities to collaborate with researchers and academic programmes.

Anna-Karin Frykstedt
English or Swedish
+46 70 277 55 64
Patrick Standfast
English or Swedish
+46 70 277 83 09

Arbetsförmedlingen (Sweden's Public Employment Agency) 

Arbetsförmedlingen can provide you with guidance and information about starting and running a business in Sweden. They can help you to evaluate the viability of your business idea, develop your business idea and, in some cases, provide a start-up subsidy. If you have an already existing company, their business advisors can assist you with new recruitments.

On their website you can find information in different languages to provide you with the support you need.

Korta vägen

Korta vägen is a course for people with an academic degree from a country outside of the Nordic countries. The course will increase your chances to find employment and provides a good foundation if you wish to start up your own business in Sweden.

Korta vägen offers professional coaching, career guidance, information about the Swedish labour market and society as well as Swedish language training focusing on your specific line of work. In order to qualify for Korta vägen you need an academic degree or at least three years of academic studies, good knowledge of Swedish and to be registered with Arbetsförmedlingen.

For more information about Korta vägen, please visit the course website. All information is in Swedish.

Business Sweden  

Do you have an already existing business which you would like to continue running from Sweden? Or perhaps you want to export or import products and services from other countries? If so, it could be a good idea to get in contact with Business Sweden or Enterprise Europe Network. 

Business Sweden help Swedish companies to grow internationally. They offer everything you need in order to establish a company, develop products, services or ideas in new markets, or grow in an existing market. They want to help small and medium-sized companies in Sweden to promote their products and services so that they can grow internationally.


Niclas Emanuelsson
for information in English or Swedish
+46 76 119 33 18

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network provides support to small and medium-sized companies to increase their internalisation which in turn will lead to increased growth and renewal. The network offers free information and business consultation regarding, for example, EU funding, EU legislation, public purchasing, CE marking and e-commerce.

Louise Larsson
for information in English or Swedish
 +46 54 14 93 68 


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