Sustainable business

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Tips and information for entrepreneurs who want to work more actively with sustainability in their businesses.

Sustainable business

What is sustainable business?

What exactly is sustainability? The concept of sustainable business can be explained as “doing more with less”. Besides sustainable production and consumption, it also entails being more efficient, maximising positive effects and minimising negative impact for the environment, society and mankind.

Guide for a sustainable business

Guide to a sustainable business

The guide to a sustainable business gives you tips and information on how you can work with sustainability in new and existing businesses.

More about sustainability

More about sustainability

Links to information, guides and tools provided by various organisations and public authorities.

Read the interview with Ecoflor here

Tips from an entrepreneur

Would you like to know how Maria Larsson of the Ecoflor flower shop works with and manages sustainability? Her story offers inspiration and good advice on how saving the environment can be part of running a profitable business.

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