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A limited company can be started by one or more natural persons or legal entities. When starting a limited company, you must have at least SEK 25 000 in share capital.

Company registration

1. Register with the Swedish Companies Registration office (Bolagsverket)

A limited company must be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. They will send you a registration certificate after your company is registered. A limited company only becomes a legal entity when it has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Registration provides nationwide protection of the company name. 

Register a limited company (apply online)

How long does it take to register a limited company and how much does it cost?

See current processing times for registering a limited company on the Swedish Companies Registration Office website

See fees from the Swedish Companies Registration Office

If your application is rejected

The Swedish Companies Registration Office can decide not to register your company name. In that case, you can choose a new name or add information to your registration application that will enable your company name to be registered. 

If you want to appeal their decision, follow the instructions in the decision.

2. Tax and VAT registration

The company must then register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). The company needs to apply for F-tax and VAT registration and, if relevant, register as an employer.

Register for F-tax and VAT (apply online)

3. Other permits

There might be other permits or registrations that you need to consider when starting your business.

In our permit search service, you can find permits by category or in our alphabetic list. You can also find information about permits and applications that are specific to certain professions.

Find permits

4. Report the beneficial owners

All limited companies must inform the Swedish Companies Registration Office of the identity of the beneficial owners. Register within four weeks of registering your limited company. A beneficial owner is the person or persons who own or control the limited company.

Read more and report the beneficial owners on the Swedish Companies Registration Office website

Do you have a Swedish identity number?

If you have a Swedish identity number and e-identification (e-legitimation in Swedish) you can use our e-services on (Mina sidor) for company registration. However, these are only available in Swedish.

Go to the e-services for company registration (in Swedish)


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