Insemination activities

Last updated: 2022-08-23

Application for a permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture for artificial insemination and embryo activities with animals.

About the permit

A permit from the Swedish Board of Agriculture is required for handling or selling sperm, eggs or embryos from certain animals for the purposes of breeding. You must have a permit for the collection and treatment of sperm, the removal of eggs or embryos, the treatment of embryos for fresh implantation, implanting embryos in recipient animals, and for insemination. A veterinary in charge must sign a liability undertaking that you append to your application.

Different rules apply for sheep and goats, pigs, horses and cattle. Detailed information can be found on the Swedish Board of Agriculture website.

Permit issuer and supervision

The Swedish Board of Agriculture issues permits and the county administrative board is the supervisory authority. Semen collection and storage centres are supervised by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Origin: Swedish Board of Agriculture

How to apply

Apply by sending in the form to the Swedish Board of Agriculture. You must also include: 

  • liability undertaking signed by a veterinary in charge 
  • certificates of training for the persons who will carry out the inseminations, if such certificates are required.

 Application forms can be downloaded from the Swedish Board of Agriculture website, see link.

Contact information

+46 771-223223

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