Fishing licence for commercial fishing at sea (application)

Last updated: 2022-02-14

A person who wants to engage in commercial fishing with a vessel at sea must hold a fishing licence. The license gives you the right to sell your catch.

A fishing license applies to a person or a corporation together with a vessel. If you are applying for a fishing license, you need to fill in a financial calculation of the planned activity, where you need to describe which species you plan to fish. 

To be granted a fishing license, the fishing must, among other requirements, be pursued commercially. The biological availability of fish is also considered, meaning that based on available biologic research, The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management will evaluate whether the fishing pressure can increase or not. 

A fishing licence becomes immediately invalid if the vessel's ownership changes, if the focus of the fishing changes (for example the target species), or if changes are made to the vessel's length, breadth or engine power. In case of any of the above mentioned changes, regarding the fishing license, an application must be submitted. 

Origin: Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

How to apply

Send your application for a fishing licence to the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water

Contact information

Havs- och vattenmyndigheten
+46 10-6986000
Box 11930, 404 39 GÖTEBORG

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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