Sector permits

Last updated: 2022-03-04

As a company, you need a permit from the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) to engage in certain activities.

Notary public

Notaries public are appointed by the County Administrative Board and it is their duty to help the public by verifying and certifying the truth of various types information. To be a notary public you must have a law degree. The County Administrative Board states the geographical area, normally a municipality, in which the person concerned is to perform his or her duties.

Security companies

All security companies must have a permit (authorisation) from the County Administrative Board. Similarly, all the security company’s staff, including staff who are not security guards, must be approved by the County Administrative Board before they may start work at the company.

Process servers

To operate as a process server, you must first apply for a permit (authorisation) from the County Administrative Board. You need to provide information on yourself and others who work in the company. The application must also contain an explanation of how the company intends to carry out the service activities and how the company will ensure that its staff have the necessary training.


A company which loans money in return for a person providing something as collateral is regarded as a pawnbroker's. A pawnbroker can only be operated by a Swedish limited company or an equivalent foreign company in the European Economic Area (EEA). If you wish to operate a pawnbroker, you need a permit from the County Administrative Board. We will grant an application to set up a pawnbroker if we consider that your company can be operated as a sound pawnbroking business. We will assess whether you meet the requirements laid down in the Swedish Pawnbrokers Act and the Swedish Money Laundering Act.

Vehicle scrappage

If you wish to set up a company which engages in vehicle scrappage, you must apply for a permit (authorisation) from the County Administrative Board. When we process your application, we will check, among other things, that your facility meets the municipality’s environmental requirements, and that you have a building permit for the facility.

Apply directly to competent authority.

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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