Marketing of agricultural seed

Last updated: 2023-03-14

If you pack or sell seed on a professionally basis, you must notify the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

The EU regulates the marketing of plant reproductive material of agricultural, vegetable, forest, fruit and ornamental species and vines. The regulation applies for persons and companies who sell seeds or stores seeds that later will be sold or given away, in fact marketing of seeds.

Slightly different rules apply for agricultural species and vegetable species. Special rules also apply to seed potatoes, and for ornamental plants such as flower seeds. The regulation does not apply for seeds for most of the culinary herbs, except for caraway, chives, chervil, fennel and parsley, which are regulated under EU seed scheme. Special rules also apply to conservation varieties and variety developed for growing under particular conditions.

If you plan to move seeds to Sweden from other countries to re-pack or sell, special rules might apply. See link Marketing of seeds at the Swedish Board of Arguculture´s website for more information.

Origin: Swedish Board of Agriculture

How to apply 

Contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture, see link. 

Contact information

+46 771-223223

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