Healthcare and medicines

Last updated:2016-06-20

This section contains information about regulated professions in the category Healthcare and medicines. For more information and application to excersise your profession in Sweden, choose a link below.

  • Audiologist 

    An audiologist works with evaluation, diagnosis, habilitation and rehabilitation of children and adults with hearing damage and other hearing-related...

  • Biomedical scientist 

    Biomedical scientist work in laboratories in the areas of pathology, microbiology, clinical chemistry, immunology, clinical physiology and genetics. They also...

  • Chiropractor 

    A chiropractor specialises in treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Dental hygienist 

    Dental hygienists work with evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of oral hygiene.

  • Dental practitioner 

    A dental practitioner (dentist) work with examination, diagnosis and treatment of disease and anomalies in the teeth, oral cavity, jaws and surrounding tissues...

  • Dietitian 

    Dietitians treat and prevent various nutrition-related conditions and function as a knowledge resource in relation to establishing, improving and maintaining...

  • Doctor of Medicine 

    A doctor work with examination, diagnosis and treatment of the entire body. Doctors work with both children and adults.

  • Medical physicist 

    Medical physicists work primarily in various healthcare fields where radiation is found and where medical imaging is essential to diagnostics and subsequent...

  • Medical specialist 

    Those who want to work as a specialist in Sweden need to have a Swedish licence to practice as a doctor of medicine and recognition of their specialist...

  • Midwife 

    Midwives provide care to women during pregnancy, labour and delivery and post-natal care. Midwives also provides information about sexual and reproductive...

  • Naprapath 

    Naprapaths evaluate, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate pain and dysfunction in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

  • Nurse responsible for general care 

    A nurse responsible for general care work to give people good nursing care in all phases of life and are responsible for meeting the individual’s care needs.

  • Occupational therapist 

    Occupational therapy is aimed at helping the individual manage tasks of daily living, their work and their leisure time.

  • Optician 

    Opticians examine and treat harmless changes in the eyes, perform eye examinations and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses.

  • Orthopaedic engineer 

    Orthopaedic engineers measure, design, make, fit or inspect prostheses and other orthopaedic devices prescribed by doctors. Orthopaedic engineers examine the...

  • Pharmacist 

    Pharmacists have overall responsibility for handling medicines, supplying medicines and quality assurance, as well as for in-depth medicinal advice in...

  • Physiotherapist 

    Physiotherapists treat patients with physical difficulties caused by illness, injury, physical disability or ageing.

  • Prescriptionist 

    A prescriptionist work in pharmacies and have personal professional responsibility in assessing the reasonableness of prescriptions of medicine with regard to...

  • Professions in social child and youth care 

    If you are a trained social worker or equivalent outside of Sweden and will be working in the social services within child and youth care you will need in some...

  • Psychologist 

    Psychologists work primarily with evaluating and treating psychological disorders through talk therapy. Psychologists have knowledge about how the brain and...

  • Psychotherapist 

    Psychotherapists use talk therapy to help people improve their quality of life and mental health and to prevent psychological and social problems.

  • Radiographer 

    A radiographers main field is radiology, which is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that derives knowledge from the fields of nursing, imaging and...

  • Specialist Dental Practitioner  

    A specialist dental practitioner is a dentist who have proof of a specialist qualification.

  • Speech therapist 

    Speech therapists work with communication skills and evaluate, diagnose and treat children and adults with voice, speech and language difficulties.

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