Lawyer (solicitor/barrister)

Last updated:2018-06-29

An application for entry into the Swedish Bar Association to be able to work as or use the title of lawyer.

Information about registration

Those who wish to work as or use the title lawyer (advokat) must have been accepted as a member of the Swedish Bar Association. To be accepted as a member, you must satisfy certain requirements. These include, after having successfully completed a Master of Laws, having worked in practical qualified law for three years at a firm of lawyers or in your own business.  Detailed information about the requirements can be found on the website of the Swedish Bar Association.

Register as a lawyer from another EU Member State

A lawyer from another EU Member State practising permanently in Sweden must apply for registration with the Swedish Bar Association.

Lawyers registered in Sweden are covered by the same professional and ethical rules as Swedish lawyers, and are subject to the scrutiny of the Swedish Bar Association. The Swedish Bar Association can cancel a lawyer's registration under the same premises as they can disbar a member.

Application to become a Swedish lawyer (advokat)

A lawyer from a country within the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland can apply to become a Swedish lawyer. This requires that the lawyer either has sufficient knowledge of the Swedish judicial system, or that the lawyer has practised law in Sweden on a regular basis for three years and been registered as a foreign 'European lawyer'.

Requirements and supervision

The Swedish Bar Association decides on registration and admission, and is the supervisory body.

Origin: Swedish Bar Association

How to apply

Send your application to the Swedish Bar Association. Your application can be sent electronically.

You must attach the following documentation to your application:
•    certificate of city of residence
•    certificate of freedom from trusteeship
•    certificate of freedom from debt
•    certificate of freedom from bankruptcy
•    your law degree certificate including your academic record
•    certificates of service from all your employers since graduation
•    bar exam certificate.

If the applicant has his/her own practice, the following documents must also be attached:
•    registration certificate
•    a certificate signed by an authorised auditor for each year of practice
•    copies of annual accounts for each year of practice.

You can find more information on the website of the Swedish Bar Association.

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Companies in other EU/EEA countries

In general you will need the same permit whether you want to permanently establish your business or engage in temporary activities in Sweden. This includes notifications and registrations.

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