Fire, arms and security

Last updated: 2015-03-11

The following permits may be relevant for the activity that you are planning on starting up.

  • Alarm installations 

    If you engage in the business of alarm system installation, you require a permit from the Swedish Police.

  • Explosives – transfer (intra community and within Sweden) and import 

    Information on transfer and import of explosives In this context, transfer means the physical movement of explosives from one place to another, either intra...

  • Explosives – use, store, trade in and transfer 

    Application for permits to acquire, store, trade in and transfer explosive goods within Sweden.

  • Fire protection 

    Under the Civil Protection Act, a person who owns a building and a person who runs a business in that building bear the ultimate responsibility for its fire...

  • Flammable goods 

    An application for a permit from the municipality to handle flammable goods.

  • Import of weapons 

    Importing or for any other reason bringing firearms into Sweden requires a special import licence. The licence is issued by the Swedish Police.

  • Permission of environmentally hazardous activities, B-activities 

    To start certain environmentally hazardous activities, you must first apply for a permit. It can also apply to changes to a business you are already running.

  • Security firms 

    A security firm must be authorised by the county administrative board (länsstyrelse) to be able to conduct its activities.

  • Trade in weapons 

    A licence to trade in firearms or a licence for a person other than an individual to receive weapons for repairs or servicing is assessed by the Swedish Police...

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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