Energy and extraction

Last updated:2015-03-11

Here you can read on permits regarding energy aspects.

Permits marked with a form icon are included in the European services directive. You may apply for these permits electronically through this website.

  • Constructing natural gas pipelines (application) 

    To construct or use a natural gas pipeline you must hold a concession (a kind of permit) from the Swedish Government.

  • Electric power transmission lines 

    Building and using electrical power transmission lines.

  • Mining (application) 

    For the exploration and mining of mineral deposits on land, you must hold a permit from the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden.

  • Mining activities 

    A licence is required to mine or harvest rock, stone, gravel, sand, mud, soil, peat or other soil types, except for household needs.

  • Nuclear activities (application) 

    In order to be allowed to conduct a nuclear activity, a licence is always required from the Swedish Government or from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority....

  • Peat harvesting 

    The exploration and exploitation of peat deposits are regulated in the "Lag (1985:620) om vissa torvfyndigheter" (Sweden's Act on certain peat deposits) and...

  • Pipelines 

    Laying pipelines for the transport of crude oil or crude oil products, or of another fluid or gas (not natural gas) intended for use as fuel. As of 2013, the...

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Companies in other EU/EEA countries

In general you will need the same permit whether you want to permanently establish your business or engage in temporary activities in Sweden. This includes notifications and registrations.

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