Building and demolition

Last updated: 2021-01-20

  • Beach protection (apply for exemption from the municipality) 

    Beach protection is there to give all people access to the beaches and to preserve a rich plant and animal life. In coastal protected areas, i.e. areas by the...

  • Building permit 

    Application for a building permit for new buildings, additions or to change buildings and construction facilities.

  • Building permit for sign 

    Sign means a sign, board, flag or other device. The purpose must be to convey information or advertising using images, text, symbols or other means.

  • Demolition permits 

    Application for a demolition permit or submitting a notification of demolition in order to demolish buildings.

  • Permission of environmentally hazardous activities, B-activities 

    To start certain environmentally hazardous activities, you must first apply for a permit. It can also apply to changes to a business you are already running.

  • Ventilation control 

    Mandatory ventilation control, OVK, must be done regularly in most buildings. The purpose is to show that the indoor climate is good and that the ventilation...

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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