Hydrographic information

Last updated:2020-01-10

Application for permission to disseminate hydrographic information and data within Sweden’s territorial waters.

About permission

Hydrographic information and data within Sweden's territorial waters, with the exception of lakes, watercourse and channels, may not be disseminated without permission from the Swedish Maritime Administration. Permission is granted only if there are special reasons for doing so.

Note: Hydrographic survey may not be carried out within Sweden's territorial waters, without the permission of the Swedish Armed Forces, read more in the link Hydrographic survey.

Permit issuer and supervision

Permit issuer:  The Swedish Maritime Administration.
Supervision:  The Swedish Coast Guard.

Origin: Swedish Maritime Administration

How to apply

Send an application to the Swedish Maritime Administration. You can use our online service to apply for this permit.

Contact information

+46 771-630000

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Companies in other EU/EEA countries

In general you will need the same permit whether you want to permanently establish your business or engage in temporary activities in Sweden. This includes notifications and registrations.

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