Running a business in a sustainable way

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Running a business in a sustainable way means using your resources more efficiently, improving competitiveness and strengthening profitability.

By looking at your company’s offering from a social and environmental perspective you can create new business opportunities and reach new customers, while reducing the sustainability impact of your business.

The information on sustainable entrepreneurship is divided into four sections in our sustainability guide. If your business is already up and running, you can start anywhere in the guide, but it may be useful to initially consider where and how your business can have the greatest impact by being sustainable. Each section also includes questions to consider for developing your sustainability work.

All the questions from all four sections are collected here. 

Good luck with your sustainability work!


Earning money sustainably

Earning money sustainably

Profitability is a requirement when running a business. Contributing to a sustainable transition and earning money are not conflicting aims – quite often the opposite is true. Sustainability for a business is basically a matter of understanding how to make money long term.

Making sustainable choices

Making sustainable choices

By understanding the impact your company has, you can make active choices in product development, production, distribution and purchasing. It is also easier to explain to customers why they should choose your products or services over those of others when you have made conscious choices and considerations.

Becoming a sustainable business

Becoming a sustainable business

To make your business sustainable, you need to ascertain its impact on sustainability. You also need to organise your business so that all functions incorporate sustainability as a driving force, set clear goals for sustainability work and measure and follow up on progress regularly.

Communicating your sustainability work

Communicating your sustainability work

To ensure your stakeholders understand what your business is doing to improve its sustainability, you need to communicate this. This can result in increased engagement among employees and more satisfied customers and partners.

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This film are in Swedish but you can choose English subtitles. Click on the gear for settings and select Undertexter and then Engelska.

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