Important information to entrepreneurs due to the coronavirus

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Here you will find information due to the coronavirus, which is important for you to know about as a business owner. These pages are continuously updated.

Information about turnover support

Turnover support for partnerships and sole traders

Has your company suffered reduced sales due to the corona pandemic? Then you might be interested in the turnover support for partnerships and limited partnerships.

Information about reorientation support

Apply for reorientation support

The support is about you as a business operator being able to claim support for your fixed costs if your turnover dropped because of the coronavirus pandemic. You apply at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Information about short-time work

Short-time work allowance 2021

The support for short-time work allowance is extended until September 2021. You can apply retroactively from November at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

Support and advice

Support and loans

Do you want to discuss your company’s situation with an advisor? Here are organisations and authorities that offer information, support and loans to companies.

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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