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Here you will find information about temporary regulations and changes in laws in certain industries and business segments, such as restaurants, event businesses, and cultural and creative industries. The information is continuously updated.

On this page you will find information about:

  1. Public gatherings limited to 50 people
  2. Information to restaurants, cafes and bars
  3. Innovate startups and scaleups
  4. Support to professional fishermen
  5. Transport industry

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has developed new general advice to counter the spread of the coronavirus. All operations in Sweden are obliged to take measures to reduce the risk of transmission, based on the recommendations of the Public Health Agency.

Stores and shopping malls should limit the number of customers staying in the premises at the same time. They should also devise alternative solutions for cash queues or indicate how far customers can stand between each other.

If possible, non-profit associations should postpone annual meetings and similar, if the meeting requires participants to meet in the same place.

Public gatherings limited to 50 people

The Government has made a decision to further limit the possibility of organising public gatherings and public events to a maximum of 50 persons. If you already have been granted a permit, the gathering or event may be carried out with the restriction of 50 persons.

Limited possibilities for public gatherings at the Swedish Police (in Swedish)

Information to restaurants, cafes and bars

New law for restaurants

From 1 July 2020, are you who operates a restaurant, bar or café legally responsible for adapting your business so that the spread of covid-19 is prevented.

The Public Health Authority's previous regulations and general advice for those who serve food (HSLF-FS 2020: 9) are not longer to applicable with the new law. The new valid regulation is (HSLF-FS 2020:37). 

To the regulation (HSLF-FS 2020:37) at the Swedish Public Healt Angecy's website (in Swedish) 

The new law also means that the municipality now has the responsibility to both supervise and make decisions about injunctions, bans and the opportunity to close a restaurant that does not comply with the law.

Read more about the new law at The Public Helath Angency of Sweden's website (in Swedish)

Innovative startups and scaleups

The Government proposes an addition on SEK 400 million to Almi Invest that should be used for venture capital investments in small, innovative startups. The addition can partly be used for companies where Almi Inwest already is a part-owner and the need of capital is increasing due to the coronavirus, and partly in newly investments. 

The addition at Almi invest (in Swedish)

On 1 may 2020 the Government adjusted the requirement for private co-financing in which Almi Invest invests from 50% to 30% private co-financing.

Adjusted requirement for private co-financing at the Government (in Swedish)

Support to professional fishermen

If you are a professional fisherman who is running company and have been affected by covid-19, you can apply for financial support from the Swedish Board of Agriculture. If you meet the conditions, you may receive compensation for temporarily ceasing your business activities, in the form of partial compensation for certain costs and loss of income during this period. You can apply for funding for the period 16 June to 15 September 2020, and the application opens on 15 July and closes on 31 August. To calculate how much you can receive in support, you can use the Swedish Board of Agriculture's calculation templates in the link below.

Read more about and apply for the support from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (in Swedish)

Transport industry

Temporary extension of the period of validity of the certificate of professional competence

Professional driver's license which expires from 1 February 2020 to 31 August 2020 is extended by seven months from the date the certificate would otherwise have expired, according to a new EU regulation.

Temporary extension at the Swedish Transport Agency (in Swedish) 

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