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Registration of a branch with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (applies solely to foreign companies).

Information about branches

Foreign companies that wish to operate their businesses in Sweden can do so via a branch office with independent management.

The following applies to a branch or branch office:
•    A company can only have one branch and it must be represented by a managing director
•    The branch is not a separate legal entity, but rather a part of a foreign company
•    The branch's business activities in Sweden are subject to Swedish law and Swedish government agencies.
•    A branch has no shareholders' equity; its assets are part of the foreign parent company’s total assets.
•    A branch it to keep its own accounts, separate from the foreign company.
•    The branch’s accounting and administration is to be audited by an authorised public accountant when required.

A foreign company within the European Economic Area (EEA) that carries on temporary business activities consisting of services in Sweden does not need to register a branch.


You register the branch with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Origin: Swedish Companies Registration Office

How to register

You must include the following documentation with your application:

  • certification that the foreign company is duly formed and registered
  • certification that the foreign company is not in bankruptcy
  • Articles of Association, by-laws or an equivalent document that applies to the foreign company
  • the foreign company's financial statements for the past two years
  • Power of Attorney for the branch's Managing Director and Deputy Managing Director
  • a document that confirms the branch Managing Director's and Deputy Managing Director's authorisation to sign a Power of Attorney such as a registration certificate or certificate from a Notary Public
  • a copy of the passports or other form of ID for the branch MD and Deputy MD if they are not registered in Sweden
  • a copy of the passports or other form of ID for the company signatories who are not registered in Sweden if the foreign company is a bank.

You must pay a fee before the Swedish Companies Registration Office can begin processing your registration application.

Contact information

+46 771-670670

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