F-tax and VAT registration (application)

Last updated:2018-01-31

If you wish to start a limited company, trading partnership, limited partnership or co-operative/economic association, you must register the activity with the Swedish Companies Registration Office before you can apply for F-tax.

You apply for F-tax (Swedish corporate taxation) from the Swedish Tax Agency. If you want to start up a business activity as a sole trader, you do not need to do this. If your activity is independent, enduring and is being operated for profit, you can apply for F-tax or FA-tax.

There is more information about this on verksamt.se under the tab "Starting" and on the Swedish Tax Agency website.

Origin: Swedish Tax Agency

How to apply

Do you have a Swedish identity number?
If you have a Swedish identity number and e-indentification (e-legitimation in Swedish) you can use our e-services on verksamt.se (Mina sidor) for approval for F-tax and VAT registration. However, these are only available in Swedish.

Go to e-services for approval for F-tax and VAT (in Swedish)


Apply by using a form
If you do not have a Swedish identity number, you are to apply for registration by submitting the “Tax application for foreign entrepreneurs" form (SKV 4632). The form is to be filled in, printed, signed and (the original copy) submitted.

Contact information

+46 771-567567
171 94 SOLNA

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Point of Single Contact

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Companies in other EU/EEA countries

In general you will need the same permit whether you want to permanently establish your business or engage in temporary activities in Sweden. This includes notifications and registrations.

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