Health and safety

Permits marked with a form icon are included in the European services directive. You may apply for these permits electronically through this website.

Last updated:2015-03-11

  • Hygienic piercing treatment  

    Registration of hygienic activities, i.e. activities where scalpels, acupuncture needles, piercing tools or other similar cutting or pricking tools are used.

  • Lasers 

    Application for a permit to use a laser or powerful laser pointers.

  • Products harmful to health 

    Application for a permit for the handling of certain products harmful to health.

  • Sunbeds 

    Notification of operating a business where sunbeds are made available to the public.

  • Swimming pool facilities 

    Registration of the operation or organisation of swimming pool facilities made accessible to the public or otherwise used by many people.

Responsible: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Companies in other EU/EEA countries

In general you will need the same permit whether you want to permanently establish your business or engage in temporary activities in Sweden. This includes notifications and registrations.

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