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Most goods can move freely within the EU without any extra costs or quantitative restrictions. This is known as free movement of goods. However, certain goods such as excise goods and chemicals are subject to additional rules. You also have different VAT obligations depending on what you sell, to whom and where the goods are transported to.

Product rules and requirements

The Product Safety Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency
Dangerous items or services that have already been sold at the Swedish Consumer Agency
Mutual recognition of goods at the European Commission
When the product does not comply with the law at the Swedish Consumer Agency
More information on product rules and requirements is found at

Standards, technical specifications, and certifications

CE marking at Your Europe
EMAS registration at Your Europe
Labels and markings at Your Europe
Spreading equipment for plant protection products must undergo functional testing and be approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Hazardous chemicals

Classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals at Your Europe

Distance/off-premises selling

The Act on Distance Contracts and Off-Premises Contracts at the Swedish Consumer Agency
If the customer cancels the distance purchase at the Swedish Consumer Agency
Delayed delivery to the customer at the Swedish Consumer Agency

Defective products: consumer rights and guarantees

Defects in the item purchased by the customer at the Swedish Consumer Agency
Deficiencies in the service the customer has ordered at the Swedish Consumer Agency
Disputes with consumers at the Swedish Consumer Agency
When you are liable for damages at the Swedish Consumer Agency

Recycling and waste management

Rules governing cross-border waste shipments
How to report information on hazardous waste to the Waste Registry in Sweden

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