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Do you know what word, logotype and sound have in common? Right, they are all distinguishing marks for a product and can be registered as trademarks.

Why is it so important to register the trademark? Isn´t it enough that you have a gasp of it yourself?

Not really. Above all, it´s about making sure that you alone have your business idea. This way you have the opportunity to keep others from using your trademark and you don´t risk getting into trouble for having copied someone else. Someone you might not even know existed. However, in order for you to be able to register and thereby protect your trademark, you have to make sure that it´s unique and that it differs from your competitors.

For example, if you are going to open a webshop for your stylish sneakers you have to make sure to give it a name that can´t be confused with someone else´s. In the Swedish Trademark Database you can see if there are similar brands and then apply for trademark protection at the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

If you want to sell your sneakers in a European market, you can instead send your application directly to EUIPO, the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Once you have received the registration certificate in the post, you have the exclusive right to words, logotype or sound. It´s actually not harder than that.


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