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As a self-employed person, you file a tax return each year to see how much tax you should pay. But what should you submit when you file your tax return as a sole trader?

Before the year begins, you must submit a preliminary income tax return with estimated profits,, that is, the difference between revenues and expenses. The Swedish Tax Agency then calculates how much preliminary tax you will have to pay monthly.

During the year, you keep day to day accounting records which are compiled into final accounts at the end of the year. Insert the revenues and costs from your final accounts in the income tax return. After you submit the tax return, you will receive a final tax statement from the Swedish Tax Agency. The Swedish Tax Agency has examined the tax return and calculated the total amount of tax you must pay, usually around 40 percent of the profits.

If the amount of preliminary tax you have paid during the year is insufficient, the outstanding amount must be paid. If you have paid too much tax, you'll get money back. At skatteverket.se you can find help with your tax return and at verksamt.se you will find more information about accounting.

How to file a income tax return as a sole trader on the Swedish Tax Agency's website

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