Tips and advice

Are you soon going to be a parent?

The parental benefit also applies to you who are an entrepreneur. The level of compensation depends on how much wage or dividend you charge from your company.

New in Sweden and want to start a business?

Do you want to start your own business, and have you recently arrived in Sweden from another country? Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) give financing to projects all over Sweden to help you get started. Attend courses, get advice and become part of important networks.

Learn more about artificial intelligence (AI)

Do you want to learn more about what AI really means and understand how AI will develop and affect us in the coming years? Elements of AI is an online based education on the basics of AI and is aimed at those who want to learn more.

Do you need to apply for a permit?

Here we have gathered information about permits you may need to apply for before you start your business. For example, if you want to run a food establishment or want to sell alcohol.


Work in Sweden

Do you have professional qualifications from another EU/EEA country? Get them officially recognised to start working in Sweden.