Tips and advice LIVE – webinars about starting a business LIVE – now with English subtitles LIVE is a series of webinars about starting a business. The series includes a general webinar and four thematic webinars where government experts summarize the most important information for you. All our webinars are free of charge.

Single Digital Gateway

The door is opening to a digital Europe

The first step is now being taken towards a common digital entrance to Europe – Single digital gateway. The new EU portal Your Europe will make it easier for entrepreneurs to find information and carry out errands digitally throughout the EU. This is an important first step towards an even more open Europe.

Information regarding the coronavirus

Lifted restrictions - what applies to you as an entrepreneur

Additional coronary restrictions are lifted from 15 July. Find current information on what applies to you and your company.

How to file your annual report online at the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Get instant feedback on your digital annual report

Has my annual report been received? This is one of the most common questions that the Swedish Companies Registration Office receives during annual reporting periods. When you send in your annual report online, you immediately receive a proof of receipt, and don´t have to call and ask. Smart, right?

Point of single contact for service companies

Point of single contact for service companies

Welcome to the Swedish point of single contact for services. This is where you can find information about and submit electronic applications for the authorisations that may be required to sell services in Sweden.