Tips and advice

How the new coronavirus and covid-19 affect business owners

Here we have gathered information from government agencies about the new coronavirus and covid-19 which is important for you to know about as a business owner.

How to prepare your application for short-term work allowance

The application opens on 7 April. Make sure you are properly prepared by taking a quick test to see if you are eligible for financial support (in Swedish). It is more important to be accurate in your application than to apply quickly.

Entrepreneur stories

Here we have gathered examples of how other business owners have done when starting or developing their businesses.

Do you need to apply for a permit?

Here we have gathered information about permits you may need to apply for before you start your business. For example, if you want to run a food establishment or want to sell alcohol.


Work in Sweden

Do you have professional qualifications from another EU/EEA country? Get them officially recognised to start working in Sweden.