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Protect your intangible assets

An intangible asset is an asset in your company that you physically can´t touch. Often, a company's largest value is among intangible assets and that´s a reason why you should protect it.


Britain will leave the EU. There are major uncertainties about the exit agreement and how the relationship between Britain and the EU will be in the future. As an entrepreneur you should therefore prepare yourself for different scenarios.

Find advisors

Do you need help with setting up your business? Here you will find information about support available for you.

Do you need to apply for a permit?

Here we have gathered information about permits you may need to apply for before you start your business. For example, if you want to run a food establishment or want to sell alcohol.


Work in Sweden

Do you have professional qualifications from another EU/EEA country? Get them officially recognised to start working in Sweden.


Webinar about financing your business in the Netherlands

What do you need to know about financing your business in the Netherlands, what are the options and which steps do you need to take? This free webinar will answer all your questions, and will be broadcast on 28 March 2019.

Setting up and expanding a business in the EU

Know your rights if you plan to set up or expand a business in an EU country.

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