Trademarks – how they work

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If you want to protect your trademark in Sweden, apply for protection from the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV). You can apply electronically or by paper form. A Swedish trademark registration is valid for ten years and can then be extended ten years at a time.

Film: From business concept to registered trademark

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Apply for a trademark registration with Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Among other things, you can register one or more words, a graphic symbol, a product or the packaging of the product as trademarks. Sounds and melodies can also be registered as trademarks.

Registered trademarks provide:

  • Exclusive right to commercial exploitation.
  • Unlimited protection time, extendible every ten years.

Requirements for trademarks

Must be unique

One of the requirements for your trademark application to be approved is that the trademark is unique. With the help of various search services, such as the Swedish Trademark Database, you can search for trademarks similar to yours. Keep in mind that even if you do not find a trademark similar to yours, it does not automatically mean that you will receive trademark protection.

See if you have a unique trademark at the Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Must be distinctive

According to the Trademarks Act, a trademark must have a  distinctive character in order to be registered. This means that your trademark must be able to be distinguished from other trademarks. It is important to note that a mark which does not have original distinctive character can still be registered if it is established. The trademark may not consist solely of a word that is descriptive for your goods and services, such as "ground" about coffee.

Obstacles to registering a trademark

A trademark cannot be registered if it can be confused with a name or a company name that someone else uses in a business. Another example of an obstacle to registering a trademark is a mark that misleads the public.

Reasons your trademark cannot be registred at Swedish Intellectual Property Office 

PRV’s Guide for trademark applications

Swedish Intellectual Property Office has prepared a guide for those who want to apply to register a trademark

What does it cost?

Fees and payment for trademark protection at Swedish Intellectual Property Office 

When you have a registered trademark

Renewal and recordals regarding national trademarks

Take care of your trademark - remember to renew the trademark registration and send in any recordals regarding the registration.

Renewal and recordals regarding national trademarks

Monitoring your trademark

It is important to monitor your trademark to make sure that no one is using your registered trademark. You can monitor applications for trademark registration, for example.

Monitoring your trademark at Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Unauthorized use - infringement

If someone uses your invention, design, trademark, or copyright without permission, the person is infringing. You must also make sure not to infringe on the rights of others.

Unauthorized use – infringement at Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Strategy for intangible assets

Strategy for intangible assets may sound complicated. But a good strategy shows the importance of the intangible assets for the company's business and how they are intended to be used and protected.

Strategy for intangible assets at Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Transfer, license, pledge agreement

A trademark registration is a financial asset that you can license, transfer or pledge.

Transfer, license, pledge agreement at Swedish Intellectual Property Office

Valuation of intangible assets

Why should I value the intangible assets? Because they often account for a very large part of a company's value. Therefore, there may be many reasons to evaluate them.

Valuation of intangible assets at Swedish Intellectual Property Office

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