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The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) grants patents for Sweden, but is also an international patent office. So you can contact PRV both when you are going to apply for a Swedish patent and when you want to protect your invention in other countries.

The following is important to keep in mind when applying for a patent:

  • Keep the invention secret until you have submitted the application.
  • Make sure that your invention is new before you apply for a patent.
  • Formulate your application as clearly and completely as possible from the outset.
  • A Swedish patent application pertains only to Sweden and you submit it to PRV.
  • Submit further applications within a year if you want patents in more countries.

It can be complicated to prepare a proper patent application on your own. Consider getting professional help from an agent.

Requirements for patents

Must be new

Your invention must be new, in other words it cannot already be known when you submit your patent application. It does not matter in what way or where in the world it has become known. To find out if your invention is already known, you can get the help of PRV’s consulting service InterPat.

Patent and Registration Office’s consulting services

Inventive step

The invention must also have an inventive step, which means that it must significantly differ from the inventions known previously.

Industrial applicability

In addition, your invention should be able to be made industrially. This means that it should be something tangible, such as an object or a way of producing something. It should also solve a problem in a technical way. Lastly, it must be reproducible, which means that the technical result must be the same every time the invention is used.

Requirements for patents at Patent and Registration Office

How much does it cost to apply for a patent?

Familiarising yourself with the patent process and calculating your company’s costs  for patents can be difficult and complicated. Therefore, PRV has developed four cost examples for those of you who are new to the patent field.

See examples that illustrate costs for different companies and their patents at Patent and Registration Office

Patent agents at Patent and Registration Office

Patents in other countries

A Swedish patent applies only in Sweden and you must yourself apply for patents in other countries. If you are sure that your invention is new and the market is not primarily in Sweden, you can file a European or international application directly.

International protection at PRV’s website

Swedish Patent Database

In PRV’s Swedish Patent Database e-service you can search for Swedish patents, public patent applications and European patents (EP patents) that have been validated in Sweden.

The Swedish Patent Database

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