Living in Sweden

The page was last modified: is a portal for people who are new in Sweden. You will be able to quickly and easily find information about the Swedish society.

The portal is divided into eleven different sections.


Work contains information about how to find vacant jobs, how to start a business and Swedish labour market regulations

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Education and training

In the Education and training section you can read about different education and training programmes and how to apply for a student grant.

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Under Housing you can read about the housing market and get tips for how to look for a home.

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In the Finances section you can read about paying tax and about various types of benefits and allowances.

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Learn Swedish

The Learn Swedish section contains information about a variety of learning aids and tools you can use to practise Swedish, either on your own or with others.

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Being a parent

Under Being a parent you can read about children´s development and what rights and obligations you have as a parent.

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Right and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities contains information about rights, equality and about what you should do if you have been subjected to violence.

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Leisure and recreation

In the Leisure and recreation section you can read about Swedish civil society and how to find activities to do in your free time.

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Under Society you can read about Swedish society and about which public authorities do what.

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Care and health

Care and health contains information about what applies if you become ill, about the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) and what help is available.

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Young people in Sweden

In the Young people in Sweden section you can read about what it is to be young in Sweden and about how the Swedish education system works.

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Translated to nine languages

The information has been translated to the following languages:

•    Arabic
•    Dari
•    English
•    French
•    Farsi
•    Russian
•    Somali
•    Spanish
•    Tigrinya

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