Turnover support

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Aa sole trader, or limited partnership with at least one physical partner, who have suffered reduced sales due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can apply for turnover support.

Below is some brief information about the turnover support. For further information on what is required to apply for the support, please contact the County Administrative Board. They are responsible for processing, decision making, and questions about the turnover support.

Information on how the support will be handled at the County Administrative Board (in Swedish)

Turnover support for sole traders, partnerships and limited partnerships

Turnover support for July - September 2021

The Government has decided that the turnover support should be extended to include loss of turnover during July to September 2021. 

Net sales must have decreased by more than 30 percent compared with the reference period for the turnover support to be paid out. The support can then be received at 90 percent of the turnover loss up to SEK 24,000 per month. July, August and September are individual support periods.

The support can be applied for via the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's e-service until 30 November 2021.

Read more and apply for turnover support at the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's website (in Swedish)

Turnover support to sole traders and trading companies for the period March-June 2021 is introduced at regeringen.se (in Swedish)

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