Turnover support for sole traders

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The Swedish Government is proposing support for sole traders whose company has had a reduction in turnover because of the coronavirus.

The proposal would mean that you can receive compensation for up to 75 % of your loss of turnover. To receive the support, you must have had a turnover of at least SEK 200,000 in the previous year. 

The support will be divided into three periods: March–April 2020, May 2020, and June–July 2020. The corresponding month or months of the previous year will act as reference period(s) for the period(s) for which you apply for support. 

To receive the support, it is required that your net turnover for one period is less than the 2019 reference period:

  • March–April 2020 – less than 70 percent
  • May 2020 – less than 60 percent
  • June and July 2020 – less than 50 percent.

You can receive a total of SEK 120,000 in support, divided into the respective support periods March–April (SEK 48,000), May (SEK 24,000) and June–July (SEK 48,000).

This is a proposal and it is currently not possible to apply. Decisions will be made by the county administrative board and paid out by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

The proposal has been sent for consultation and the changes are proposed to take effect from 29 October. This information will be updated shortly.

Press release: The Swedish Government proposes turnover-based support for sole traders (in Swedish)

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