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This page contains general information for importing, exporting or doing business with other countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

On this page you will find information about:

  1. Customs
  2. Advice
  3. Guarantees and financing
  4. Travel during the corona pandemic
  5. Information and support from the EU


At Swedish Customs website you can read about how import and export can be affected by the coronavirus. Swedish Customs has also published answers to frequently asked questions regarding how trade and transport of goods can be affected.

Import and export at the Swedish Custom (in Swedish)
Frequently Asked Questions at the Swedish Custom (in Swedish)

Preferential treatment with the support of copies

Several countries have informed the EU that they currently cannot issue preferential treatment certificates as originals, but instead use copies. At the time of import, the Swedish Customs will in exceptional cases due to the coronavirus accept copies of certificates from certain countries. This applies to certificates issued no earlier than March 1, 2020. When the pandemic is over, companies in the EU need to make sure to get their original certificates instead of these copies.

You can only use copies from the countries on one of the lists below. The lists are updated by the European Commission.

List of PEM countries
List of other countries

If you are having difficulty obtaining a certificate at this time and cannot or do not want to use a copy, certificates can also be issued afterwards if there are special circumstances.

Make sure your copy of an original certificate is signed and stamped by the proper authorities of the exporting country. A certificate that has not been signed and stamped can instead be valid with a digital signature from the proper authorities, or a copy thereof. In both cases the copies can be either in paper or electronic form (scanned or available online).

Guidance on customs issues related to the COVID-19 emergency at the European Commision

Preferential treatment with the support of copies at the Swedish Custom (in Swedish)


If you have questions related to export or trade with other countries you can, for example, contact Business Sweden or the Enterprise Europe Network for guidance and support. You can also get help with specific country information.

Business Sweden
Enterprise Europe Network

Guarantees and Finacing

Guarantees from the Swedish Export Credit Agency 

Exporting companies can turn to the Swedish Export Credit Agency (Exportkreditnämnden, EKN), which has different types of guarantees. EKN's guarantees insures the risk of not getting paid and facilitates the possibility of obtaining loans through banks in connection with export transactions.

To further facilitate Swedish companies access to financing as a result of the coronavirus, EKN now offers improved opportunities for operating credits for smaller companies with a turnover of up to SEK 5 billion. EKN has also developed a new guarantee for business financing for large companies and their subcontractors.

The Swedish Export Credit Agency

A new EU decision enables EKN to temporarily insure short risks in export transactions within the EU and to high-income countries such as Norway and the U.S. Previously, it has not been allowed for state actors. The new decision applies to transactions with credit terms for less than two years.

New decision about export transactions at the Swedish Export Credit Agency (in Swedish) 

Loans from The Swedish Export Credit Corporation

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation's has a loan limit of SEK 200 billion with the Debt Office. The loan framework can be used in situations where the demand for financing from the export industry is increased.

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation offer loans to Swedish export companies and their subcontractors to export companies with annual sales of at least SEK 200 million. 
They also finance foreign buyers of Swedish goods and services.

The Swedish Export Credit corporation

Travel during the corona pandemic

Travel to Sweden

Until 31 October 2021, there is an entry ban for travel from third countries (non-EU / EEA).  What is required for entry regarding vaccination certificates and requirements for a negative covid test differs depending on which country you are traveling from.

Current entry rules can be found at the Swedish Police

Information and support from the EU

The website of the European Commission includes information on what support and measures are being taken by the EU due the coronavirus. Also, transport recommendations and macro analyzes of the economy is included. 

Ensuring the free flow of goods and services at the European Commission
Economy and entrepreneurship at the European Commission


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