Customs duties upon the export of goods to the EU

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The EU is a common market and goods can, in principle, travel across country borders without inspections or charges. However, parts of the EU are outside the EU’s tax and customs areas, and other rules apply to these areas.

For some goods, you will need permission to export them to other EU countries. Then you will also need to report the goods to Swedish Customs when you want to ship the item out of Sweden.

You may also need permission to import goods into other EU countries, and in such case, you may need to make a customs declaration for the goods there.

Export to EU regions outside the customs and VAT areas

You will need to make an export customs declaration to Swedish Customs if you export to an EU region that is not part of the EU’s tax area.

If you export goods to an EU region not a part of the Customs Union, the rules for exports to non-EU countries will apply.

Read more under, Export of goods to non-EU countries

Read more about which areas do not belong to the EU’s customs or tax area, on Swedish Customs’ website (in Swedish)

EORI number for customs declaration of goods

To declare the goods, you will need a special registration number. It is called a EORI number.

Read more about this and apply for a EORI number, on Swedish Customs’ website

Required notification to Swedish Customs for certain goods

For certain goods, you must have authorisation to export them out of Sweden, for example:

If you want to export such goods from Sweden, you must make a notification of this to Swedish Customs.

Contact Tullverket/Swedish Customs

Phone Swedish Customs’ offices for assistance with any customs matters or questions. The telephone number is 0771-520 520. If you are calling from abroad, phone +46 771 520 520

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Swedish Customs training in customs matters

Swedish Customs regularly offers courses and informational meetings concerning customs issues all around Sweden, for companies engaged in international trade.

Read more about Swedish Customs’ educational activities, on Swedish Customs’ website (in Swedish)

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