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There are several public authorities that have important information and know what to consider when importing or exporting. Here you will find contact information for different public authorities that can assist you with import and export.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden offers services at all stages of a company’s internationalisation. From qualified advice to firmly established support in a new market. Business Sweden is in place with its own staff in close to 50 of the world’s most interesting markets and offers free advice on technical export issues, customs and free trade rules, documents, quotes and contractual matters, transport and delivery terms, payment and financing solutions and e-commerce.


Telephone no.: 08-588 660 00
Business Sweden

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) assists, for free, small and medium-sized businesses find international business partners, understand EU directives and find EU funding. EEN also offers assistance in utilising and developing the innovative capacity of the company. EEN is a European business network with local and regional anchoring. The network has a large combined experience and expertise on the challenges of small and medium-sized companies.


Enterprise Europe Network

The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN)

The Swedish Export Credit Agency, EKN, is an authority to promote Swedish exports and Swedish companies’ internationalisation. They provide companies and banks with payment and financing guarantees, together with business structure and risk management advice. EKN's services provide companies with greater security, increased competitiveness and more opportunities for successful export business. EKN insures the companies’ risk of not being paid for export transactions and also insure the banks’ lending and provision of credit to both exporting companies and their buyers.


Telephone no: 08-690 48 00
The Swedish Export Credit Agency (EKN)

National Board of Trade in Sweden

The National Board of Trade acts like a representative and Solvit-centre for companies who encounter international trade barriers. The board assists companies trading in goods and services in finding information, problem solving and influencing regulation. The National Board of Trade helps EU companies and citizens solving problems due to an authority in the EU not having applied EU legislation corrrectly. If you are in trouble with a national authority, you can report it to Solvit.
Read more about Solvit at the National Borad of Trade´s website


Telephone no.: 08-690 48 00
National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium)

Patents and Registration Office (PRV)

At the Patent and Registration Office, PRV, you will find answers to questions about patents, trademarks, designs and copyright in other countries. PRV also answers what is useful to think about regarding intellectual property rights when entering a new market. You can obtain assistance with investigating the intended market and information about different alternatives to protect your product or service. You can also obtain assistance in finding different professional advisors on intellectual property rights, from the IPR Helpdesk. They are experts in patents, trademarks, designs and copyright laws in the region in which they work.


Telephone no.:08-782 28 00
PRV:s Customer Service

Swedish Tax Agency

At the Swedish Tax Agency, you can get assistance with taxation and taxation of VAT and excise duties on import and export. The Swedish Tax Agency can inform you about import and export and the difference between EU trade, what you need to think about, and how to report to the Tax Agency in a simple and flexible way with their e-services. You can also get information about which VAT rules apply when you sell goods to countries outside the EU and what excise products are available and what applies to them.


Telephone no.: 0771-567 567
From abroad: + 46 8 564 851 60
Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)

Swedish Customs

Swedish Customs can assist you with what applies when exporting and importing your goods from and to Sweden. These include product codes, customs duties, export and import licenses. You can obtain information about electronic export declaration, EORI number for identification in the Swedish customs declarations, questions about product code and classification. Here, you will also find information about how to send the customs declaration electronically, the EDI and TID systems and which goods are subject to export restrictions.


Telephone no.: 0771-520 520
From abroad: +46 771 520 520
Swedish Customs (Tullverket)

Swedish Council for higher Education

You may need to apply for recognition of professional qulifications to selll certain types of services in the EU. In the EU, different rules apply to which requirements countries may ask you depending on whether you temporarily offer the service or more permanently. The Swedish Council for higher Education (UHR) is responsible for professional qualifications in Sweden. UHR can answer questions about working within a regulated profession in Sweden or in another EU/EEA country.


Telephone no.: 010–470 03 00
From abroad: +46 10470 03 00
The Swedish Council for hogher Education

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