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Would you like to learn about what other business owners have done to succeed in their efforts to expand internationally? Read our interviews for inspiration and tips.

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Nordiska Entreprenadsystem about exporting services

Do you want to export services? Nordiska Entreprenadssystem tells what they have learnt from selling business system to the other side of the globe.

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Umlax – Exporting fish to Norway and other countries

Do you want to export fish or other food? Umlax CEO, Anna-Carin Jons-son, tells how the company went on to sell their fish abroad.

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Erghis Technologies – Selling to other EU countries

What to think of when you start working on new markets? Founder of Erghis Technologies, Örs-Barna Blénssey, tells the advantages to start with EU as a market.

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Fria bröd – Choose the right business partner

What to think of when you choose business partner? This tells Jeanine Öhrstedt Holmgren, CEO of Fria bröd, who sells gluten free bread to 15 European countries.

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Skistart.com – importing from China

What to think of when importing from China and Taiwan? The entrepreneur Henrik Lindh, founder of Skistart.com from Älvdalen, shares his tips.

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Coolstuff built their brand abroad

The Swedish e-trading company CoolStuff is aming for their sixth inter-national markets. Their has been a lot of challenges along the way, of which bringing the brand has been one of the largest.

Swedish Hasbeens – an international success

Not long ago, the Swedish Hasbeens consisted of a shoestore in the attic. Today, the shoecompany has a turnover of 35 millions SEK. Here, the founder Emily tells how her webbshop became an international success.

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