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The registration of an economic association with the Swedish Companies Registration Office.

Information about the corporate form

An economic association (co-operative) is a corporate form in which the members’ liability is limited to the capital invested in the association. An economic association can be established by at least three people, companies or associations. An association is represented by a Board of Directors consisting of at least three members and at least one auditor.

Small associations can choose a lay auditor (general examiner). However, for very large associations, the auditor must be an authorised public accountant. The annual general meeting of the association elects the board and auditor.

Economic associations are required to maintain accounting records. They must also prepare an annual report every year, even if there is little or no activity in the association. Large associations must send their annual reports to the Swedish Companies Registration Office without prior prompting.

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You register an economic association with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. In conjunction with this registration, the economic association will receive its corporate identity number.

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Mandatory field

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